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Key to Success FSL students collaborating





I & II

This course introduces the language to beginners with no prior knowledge. We start with the building blocks – the alphabet – and work our way up to developing an elementary mastery of all facets including listening, speaking, reading, and writing with a particular emphasis on essential grammatical concepts.

This course is designed to be intensive, interactive, and engaging with a comprehensive lesson plan and a variety of individual and group exercises to help you build a solid foundation. 



I & II

Now that you have acquired foundational knowledge, it is time to delve deeper into the intricacies of the language and face the fact that there’s an exception to every rule. As your vocabulary becomes richer and you start putting together the different pieces of the puzzle, you can expect your language skills to develop quickly in this course.

You will be challenged to get out of your comfort zone and be daring in your approach to the language both in individual and group settings. You can expect to continue developing in all of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, with grammar remaining at the forefront of the lessons, and lesson plans that focus on everyday use of the language. You will make mistakes, but you will also learn how to recognize and correct them. 



I & II

At the end of this course, you will be at the sweet spot of second language learning. That means that you will have acquired enough knowledge and practice to have a functional mastery that is considered satisfactory for most professional and personal contexts. This course will primarily focus on the application of your knowledge through the study of popular texts and rigorous speaking, listening, and writing exercises.

Through both individual and group work, in formal and informal contexts, you will be challenged to use more complex and sophisticated sentence structures and vocabulary to give you that added edge. 



If you’ve made it this far in your journey to mastering the language, congratulations! This course is designed for professional level native and non-native speakers and is divided into two streams: Literary and Business. Through intensive and personal exercises, you will gain the tools to speak, read and write with confidence, style, and impact.

In the Literary Stream, creative applications of the language will be the focus, while the Business Stream, will provide more workplace-oriented, and technical applications. 

Yazan Omar - Portrait for Key to Success testimonial

Alexa is very organized, passionate and enthusiastic when teaching. She has a strong sense of responsibility towards her students and makes learning a language effective and fun. We don't just go through textbooks, we discuss world issues, work, life and everything in between. I started with no background in French and after just one year with Key to Success, I can write stories, read books, and converse in French confidently. I look forward to improving and reaching my goals with Alexa. 

- Yazan Omar, Data Analyst, Ottawa

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