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Meet Our Teachers

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Fatima Nimaga

Fatima's positivity and easy-going nature are contagious. She always has the right words to say and radiates peace in any room she enters. As an Engineering graduate from the University of Ottawa and an avid reader, Fatima is well versed in both technical and literary writing styles. She is attentive to her students' needs, and her 3 years of experience teaching French have taught her to easily pin point their strengths and weaknesses to help them improve. When she is not immersed in her work, she is dedicating her time to  charitable causes, dominating the tennis courts and dabbling in the culinary arts.

Fluent in : English & French

Formal Education: B.A.Sc. Chemical Engineering

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Alexa Mouawad

The first thing you'll notice about Alexa is her passion and enthusiasm. She became a certified second language teacher through the Government of Canada's LINC program over 10 years ago, and has since developed ways to make learning a second language, easy, fun, engaging and far more effective than traditional courses. Over the years, she has helped dozens of individuals, of all ages and walks of life, exceed their language goals. Offline, Alexa keeps herself busy with plans to head the United Nations one day, take over the energy sector and open orphanages across the world. That may sound like quite the to-do list, but there is much more to this tree-hugging, dessert-loving, wanna-be athlete than meets the eye. Teacher, engineer & entrepreneur are just some of the many hats Alexa wears.

Fluent in : Arabic, English, French, Italian & Spanish

Formal Education: B.Sc. Biochemistry, B.A.Sc. Chemical Engineering, B.Sc. Computing Technology


Meriem Harkouk

Meriem's book collection takes up a whole room of its own. She has a special love for history, science fiction and the supernatural. With a bachelor's degree in English Literature and special training in ESL instruction, Meriem shares her love for languages with people of all ages. She works with children as an elementary school teacher, and with youth and adults as a language instructor at a cultural center in Montreal. Meriem loves helping others reach their personal and professional goals through learning. If you catch Meriem taking a stroll in a forest, she is seeking inspiration. Look out for her name on the cover of the next bestselling fantasy novel.

Fluent in : English & French

Formal Education: B.A. English Literature (ESL Profile)

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