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Whether you want to advance in your professional career, explore new cultures, pick up a new hobby or travel the world, the ability to communicate in another language enhances your experience and gives you the confidence you need to accomplish your goals.

What to Expect

Our English, French and Spanish language courses are 100% online. We offer you a real-time, virtual, small classroom experience (of up to 10 participants) where you can easily interact with your teacher and classmates. Courses span over 12 weeks and include two 1.5-hour lectures, a 1-hour conversation workshop, and an optional 1-hour questions & answers session per week. All necessary course notes and learning materials will be provided in advance of the lectures at no additional cost.

Every week, you log in at the same scheduled time to your classroom using Zoom, a web conferencing app. Just like in a classroom, you do individual, pair, and group work, ask questions, and receive feedback from your instructor. Homework will be assigned to give you a chance to practice what you learned and prepare for the next class.

If you need to miss a class, you can contact your instructor to book some time before the next session and review together what you missed.  

Why Choose Us

Unlike traditional language courses, ours are curated to help you effectively and efficiently learn a second language. Our teaching practices emphasize application over theory and target all aspects of the language including reading, writing, speaking, and listening.


We know that in many cases, the barrier to progressing in a language is lack of practice and confidence in one’s own language skills. Students worry about making mistakes and often struggle to find the right words when they are put on the spot. We address all of these challenges directly by first ensuring that every classroom is an encouraging and judgement-free zone, and second by creating various opportunities for practice throughout the course. In addition to assignments, and individual and group exercises during the lectures, the weekly 1-hour workshops include fun yet challenging activities that will have students thinking creatively, applying their knowledge in a wide variety of contexts, supporting each other, and reaching new heights in their language skills.  

Our class structure is optimized to provide you with the best of both worlds: the personalization and focus of private lessons, and the interactivity and group dynamics of large classes. We make sure that class sizes remain small to allow each individual a more personalized and interactive experience, while still providing the opportunity to meet, connect, work with, and learn from other individuals who share the same goals. Our passionate and experienced instructors ensure that everyone feels welcome and encouraged to actively participate.

Tracking Progress

We want each of our students to reach and exceed the language goals they have set for themselves. Before the course, the instructor will personally meet with every student, discuss their objectives, verify that they are registered in the right course and document their current level.

Mid-way through the course, the instructor will again, personally check-in with each student, document their current level, verify that they are on track to reach their goals, and come up with a game plan moving forward. At the end of the course, those goals will be revisited once more, and students will be able to clearly see how far they have come.

Note: Some sessions will be recorded for progress tracking, course improvements, and promotional material development, but only with the consent of every participant. If a recorded session is to be shared, all participants must first agree.

The Bottom Line

There is no escaping the fact that in any course, the more effort you put, the more successful you will be. We do our part to guarantee that you have everything you need to excel – our instructors are dedicated to the success of every student. If you need any additional support throughout the course, our instructors will do their best to keep you feeling motivated and satisfied with your progress. Our student success rate is through the roof because we care about you.

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